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Warming winter menu

Whether you are organising a long lunch or a fancy dinner party with friends and loved ones, we have you covered. Simply choose one dish from each course and follow our simple recipes to create an endulgent winter menu.


1. Spinach and ricotta filo cigars with herb salad

Pass around these crisp and flavoursome spinach and ricotta filo pastry cigars. Served with a herb salad, they’re a winner this winter.

2. Roasted pumpkin soup with cheesy garlic scones

Level up your pumpkin soup by pairing it with warm and cheesy garlic scones. A few clever shortcut buys make this recipe easy.


1. French onion beef casserole with garlic-butter potatoes

Take the flavours of French onion soup and turn it into a main with this delicious beef casserole recipe. Loaded with veg, it will be a new favourite this winter.

2. Slow-roasted lamb shoulder with beer glaze

With a mouth-watering glaze, this slow-roasted lamb shoulder will melt in your mouth. Seasoned with herbs and garlic, it’s perfect for your next Sunday roast. Serve it with steamed snow peas and green beans.


1. Lemon meringue pie

This tangy lemon meringue pie is an indulgent way to finish any meal. Whether you’re celebrating something special or just want to whip up a sweet treat, this classic dessert is ideal for any special occasion.

2. Curtis Stone’s spiced pear upside-down caramel tart

Served with a gooey caramel sauce, this impressive upside-down spiced pear tart looks as delicious as it tastes. Give it a go for your next get-together.