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Weeknight dinner staples

We’ve got your meal planning sorted this week with these tasty and filling recipes. Each dish is delicious, easy to do and will keep the family happy.

1. Garlic beef and vegetables

This simple garlic beef and veggies recipe will be a new household favourite.

2. Lamb larb-style salad

Enjoy the fresh flavours in this lamb larb-style salad. It will be a hit at the dinner table any night of the week.

3. Greek-style chicken and veggie tray bake

Served with seasoned veggies, this easy Greek-style chicken tray bake is perfect for those days when you don’t feel like cooking.

4. Gluten-free spiced tomato rice with salmon

This spiced tomato rice with salmon is a tasty way to enjoy seafood during the week. Even better, it’s gluten-free!

5. Curried green veggie soup with yoghurt and coriander

Topped with coriander and creamy yoghurt, this curried green veggie soup is the perfect way to warm up the family.