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Things to buy for Christmas: A festive list to get you organised

The right planning and shopper strategies in the months before Christmas can ensure you’re sorted for the big day with no stress or fuss. Here’s how:

What to buy now for Christmas

The weeks are zipping by and Christmas will be here before you know it. Even if you haven’t got your menu totally sorted, you can still stock up on items you’ll need for the festive season to spread your spend over a few more pay cheques. The key is checking Best Before dates and taking advantage of smart shopping tricks to ensure you’ve got everything you need prior to the big day.

Here are our tips for buying in advance, why it’s so cost-effective, and a list of what you can start popping into your trolley right now.


Buy now and save on Christmas items

Imagine a Christmas where the majority of your food shop is sorted and stored away in the fridge, freezer and pantry weeks before the big event. With good planning and by taking advantage of November sales, such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, this can be a reality. And don’t forget about Boxing Day sales. These can be great for snapping up discount greeting cards and wrapping paper for next year’s festivities!

Shopping smart for festive items can add up to a nice chunk of change, so keep your eye on when sales are coming up and plan your supermarket trips accordingly.


Bulk buy and save – if you have storage space

Whether it’s bathroom supplies or festive snacks, there are some things you want to have extras of, especially at Christmas. Buying in bulk is cheaper and typically more eco-friendly, as there’s often less packaging and transportation required getting those goods to the supermarket.

Coles’ bulk buy range can really help your hip pocket, with up to 70 per cent off at the check-out. You’ll also find best buys you can save on, too – just be aware that some deals are online only.

Oh, and a tip before you shop: to avoid food waste and overspending, always make a list and only buy reasonable quantities of each item. Don’t forget to consider pantry and storage space when it comes to stocking up – these can determine what you can and can’t buy ahead.


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Stuff to buy for Christmas – two months out

If you’re lucky, the events and family commitments haven’t fully kicked off yet, which means you might have a little time to plan, so now is a good time to clean out your fridge, freezer and pantry and start stocking up on festive foodstuffs. Just make sure you check the Best Before dates on anything you buy; the product expiry should be at least until late December. Here’s what you can buy now:

Drinks and mixers

Chips and crackers

Dried fruit and nuts

Jelly crystals

Grains and pasta

Frozen vegetables

Frozen pastry

Sauces and condiments

Cake decorations

Ice cream

Seasonings and stuffing mix

Gravies and serving sauces

What to buy for Christmas – less than a month out

You’ve got the bulk of what you need, but how about all those niggly perishables? You’re safe to start adding them to your shopping trolley a few weeks before Christmas Day. Here’s what to start stocking up on a month before Christmas:

Chocolate and biscuits

Dips and custard

• Hard cheese

• Frozen Christmas turkey and ham

Christmas crackers and table decorations.

6 great Coles buys

We know you want good-quality, great-value items for your Christmas spread. Pick up these wallet-friendly buys to keep your budget in check this season.

1. Coles Festive Gingerbread House Kit, 1kg – A fun activity for the whole family to do.

2. Coles Festive Crackers, 12 pack – Dress up the table with these gorgeous crackers.

3. Lemon curd, 350g – Try a lemon curd and blueberry topping on the pav this year!

4. Coles Salted Mixed Nuts, 375g – Easy to pop into a bowl when visitors drop round.

5. Coles Mixer Dry Ginger Ale, 1.25L - Perfect to mix into cocktails and mocktails. 

6. Coles Assorted Crackers, 250g - Six varieties to round out your grazing platters.

Great Coles buys

Add these good-quality, great-value items to your basket