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We have a White Christmas recipe for everyone

This iconic Aussie treat is specifically designed to celebrate the festive season. Recipes for white Christmas typically feature white chocolate, dried fruits (think cranberries, apricots and glacé cherries), and nuts like pistachios. Some variations add crunch with crushed biscuits, Rice Bubbles, or desiccated coconut, whereas others smooth things out using condensed milk or Copha. Whatever form you enjoy it in, white Christmas is incredibly versatile and lends itself to all kinds of adaptations. Serve any of these sweet treats as an after-dinner bite, on a platter at your dessert table, or package up your favourites to give as edible gifts.


1. White Christmas slice

When it comes to festive desserts, white Christmas is a classic favourite. This slice version is sweet, crunchy, and calls for only 4 simple ingredients.

2. White Christmas fudge

This sweet and fudgy white Christmas recipe is a must-try this year. It’s easy to do and makes the perfect gift for teachers and colleagues.

3. White Christmas crackles

Introducing, rice bubble crackles! Fudgy white chocolate is studded with crunchy pistachios and vibrant cranberries in our new version of white Christmas.

4. White Christmas rum balls

These fudgy white Christmas rum balls have a sweet, milky flavour with bursts of tartness from dried cranberries, echoes of coconut and a hit of boozy rum.

5. White Christmas cupcakes

These cute and festive Christmas cupcakes elevate a simple vanilla batter with rich chocolate ganache, topped off with miniature snow-capped crackle trees.

6. White Christmas rocky road

Take your Christmas rocky road recipe to the next level with jammy Iced Vovo pieces, marshmallows, nuts and more. Every bite delivers something different.