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Winter roasting and slow cooking

Brave the cooler weather with these warming winter roasts and slow cooking recipes.

1. Curtis Stone's lamb roast with hasselback pumpkin and balsamic brown butter

Served with golden pumpkin and balsamic brown butter, this lamb is a winning dish for your next Sunday roast.

2. Slow-roasted lime and ginger pork shoulder

This zesty slow-roasted pork shoulder is caramelised and tender. It’s sure to impress your crowd.

3. Italian-style roast chicken

Try this easy roast chicken recipe. It features herbs, olives and capers for maximum flavour.

4. Beef stew with herb dumplings

This warming beef stew is made with tasty herb dumplings.

5. Sri Lankan style spiced coconut slow cooked beef and potato curry 

Spice up your week with this aromatic beef and potato curry. It’s made with Dani Venn’s delicious curry sauce.

6. Slow cooker chicken korma

Cook to perfection in the slow cooker, this fragrant korma curry is sure to be a hit.

7. Slow cooker Greek-style lamb

Take lamb roast to the next level with this Greek-style dish. It’s served with a mouth-watering salad.

8. Slow cooker red pork curry

Warm up from the inside out with this fuss-free pork curry. Serve it with steamed rice and lime wedges for a fresh burst of flavour.