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Your guide to frypans

Everyday cooking is easy when you have a quality set of pots and pans. Luckily, you can find these at Coles with the MasterChef Cookware range. Read on for our guide to using and caring for the MasterChef Cookware frypans, then turn the page to find out how to collect them. We’ve also got three quick and tasty frypan recipes for you to try.

Frypan opener, spoon and vegetables

Why you need them

Frypans are essential for stovetop cooking, and ones with a quality non-stick surface are an all-round favourite for ease of cooking and cleaning. Plus, you don’t have to worry about using a lot of oil to stop food from sticking to the surface like you do with uncoated stainless-steel pans. By choosing good-quality pans and caring for them properly, you can be confident you’ll get plenty of use out of them for many years to come.

What to look for

Here’s a guide to some of the key features of the MasterChef 20cm and 26cm frypans.

The shape: the MasterChef frypans have sloped sides. This makes it easy to stir food, as well as slide it out of the pan for effortless serving.

The base: each frypan has a thick base made from hard-wearing stainless steel with an aluminium plate inside. This means the pan heats up quickly and cooks food evenly.

The coating: for extra strength and scratch resistance, MasterChef frypans have a three-layer ceramic reinforced coating made with hardened Swiss crystal powder.

The handle: many cheaper non-stick frypans have plastic handles, so putting them under a hot grill is a no go. The handle of the MasterChef frypan is made from heatproof stainless steel. It’s lightweight, comfortable to hold.

Fritters in frypan

How to care for them

Follow these tips to make the most of your frypans.

Check your tools: to protect the non-stick coating, use silicone, nylon, plastic or wooden utensils for cooking. Avoid using metal or sharp-edged utensils as these can scratch the surface. 

Watch the heat: if you’re using your frypan in the oven, check the temperature guidelines – MasterChef frypans are oven safe for up to 1 hour at temperatures up to 200°C. Remember to wear oven mitts before touching hot handles, and always let frypans cool before rinsing or cleaning.

Clean them right: when it comes to washing up, don’t use steel wool or metal pads that can scratch. To remove dried-on food, soak the pan in hot soapy water then wipe clean with a non-scratch scourer or cloth. 

Store them safely: to protect the surface of your pans, ensure they’re dry before you put them away and avoid stacking them on top of each other in the cupboard. Keep them separate by using a hanging or standing pan rack, or by placing soft cloths or paper towel between them.

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