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Your guide to pots and pans

Having a quality set of pots and pans can make all the difference to your cooking. Coles has you covered with the MasterChef Cookware range, which includes a handy saucepan, steamer, casserole and stockpot. You’re sure to give these pans a workout in winter – think hearty pastas, sticky sauces and steaming seasonal veggies to serve with rich slow-cooked dishes. Keep reading to find out more about the collection, then try our great recipes made using the range.

MasterChef cookware in the kitchen

Size matters

Whether you’re getting started on a cookware collection or looking to upgrade old pots and pans, it’s good to have a range of durable stainless-steel pans in different sizes, from the 2-litre capacity MasterChef Saucepan up to the 7.7-litre capacity MasterChef Stockpot. It’s best to use a pan that has enough room for the ingredients to expand and bubble up during cooking. The right-size base also means you can brown foods more efficiently – using a pan that’s too big for what you’re cooking means it will take longer to heat and use more energy. For best results, the base of the pan should fit the size of the burner you’re using.

How to care for them

Follow these tips to make the most of your new pots and pans.

Be heat smart: If you’re using your pans in the oven, check the temperature guidelines. MasterChef pans are oven-safe without the lid for up to 1 hour at temperatures up to 200°C, or 180°C if you’re using the lid. Always wear oven mitts to protect your hands from the hot steel. Sudden temperature changes can warp the metal, so make sure you let pans cool gradually before rinsing and washing.

Wash and dry: The stainless steel surfaces are easy to clean, but avoid steel wool or metal pads that can scratch. While all of the MasterChef pots and pans are dishwasher-safe, handwashing is recommended to maximise the life of the cookware. To remove dried-on food, simply soak the pans in hot soapy water before wiping gently. Then, dry your pans well before storing.

What to look for

Here’s a guide to some of the key features you’ll see in the MasterChef range.

The base: The flat bases of the MasterChef Saucepan, Stockpot and Casserole Pan have an aluminium layer inside so they heat up fast for browning and sautéing. Stainless steel gives better results for browning than non-stick surfaces, but you’ll need to use some oil to stop certain foods from sticking.

The lid: Both the stockpot and casserole pan come with a tight-fitting lid so you can trap in heat and steam during cooking. This lid also fits the steamer and has a clever vent that allows steam to escape gradually for more efficient cooking.

The handles: The saucepan has a long Y-shaped handle that’s designed to be well-balanced and comfortable to hold. The stockpot, casserole pan and steamer each have double handles for extra support when lifting. Of course, always be careful when handling pots, pans and steamers during cooking.