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This month is all about budget-friendly dinners, meal planning hacks, cooler-weather recipes and new ways with staple ingredients. 

Budget meal solutions

Experience our range of healthy and delicious meal ideas designed to minimise cost while maximising flavour.

What's for dinner?

We've expanded the 'What's for dinner?' section you know and love to help you with family meals that suit your budget. Find recipes for under $10, $15 and $25* below as well as quick and easy recipes in under 30 minutes with 5 ingredients. 

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Curtis Stone’s make it 3 ways: chicken thighs

Curtis Stone shows you 3 different ways you can showcase chicken thighs at dinner time. Roasted, grilled or fried, they're easy to cook and always delicious.

More videos from Curtis Stone

Let Curtis help you create an inspired meal with his handy hints and tips.

Dial up the flavour with MasterChef quality ingredients

Tomato Carpaccio with MasterChef logo

Indulge in an Italian pork sausage ragu with polenta

Transport your taste buds to the rustic kitchens of Italy with this indulgent pork sausage ragu served atop creamy polenta.

Healthy recipes

Explore our selection of wholesome and nutritious recipes, packed with feel-good ingredients.

KitchenAid Ovenware

Discover recipes using the Coles KitchenAid Ovenware range.

Level up your cooking with the KitchenAid Ovenware at Coles

Cook in it, serve in it, grill in it. 

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In-season cooking inspiration

Try out these recipes using ingredients that are in season now.

Tips, ideas and recipe collections

Delight your taste buds with our steamed coconut fish

Savour the delicate flavours of tender, flaky fish infused with fragrant coconut in this simple yet sophisticated steamed coconut fish recipe.

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*Total cost of the recipe is approximate based on the ingredient portions used in the recipe. Ingredient costs are based on the highest national prices, as at 17/04/2024, excluding stores in the Northern Territory and North Western Australia. Prices and availability of items and brands may differ from store to store.