Coles Sports for Schools is back!

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We’re excited to announce that the Coles Sports for Schools program is back for 2018 and your school is invited to join! Our program gives schools across Australia the opportunity to earn sports gear just by collecting vouchers from Coles.

Through Sports for Schools, Coles has supplied over $20 million worth of sports gear to over 7,500 schools across Australia.

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We have partnered with RHS to get schools a great range of sports gear to choose from. Once your school is registered, you will receive an email with your login details. Log in to the RHS website to start building your wishlist.


 If you have registered and have not received your login details, please contact our customer care team on: Login emails could take a few days to come through after registration.

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Want to know more about Sports for Schools?

What is Coles Sports for Schools?

At Coles, we’re passionate about quality, fresh food and helping kids across Australia lead a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’re launching the Coles Sports for Schools program again. During the Sports For Schools program, your students families will be able to collect Coles Sports for Schools vouchers for their school from Coles stores across Australia. When the program ends, schools can exchange those vouchers towards sporting equipment to encourage all kids to get healthy and active at school.

How does it work?


First of all, nominate a Sports for School Coordinator who is the main point of contact for the program. They are the captain and should be the person who registers your school.

Spend and Collect.

Every $10 spent at Coles* during the program, will earn a Coles Sports for Schools voucher. The more vouchers your school collects, the more gear you could receive. Your Kick Off Pack will have everything you need to get your students and community to start collecting to support your school.

Team work.

Hang the Coles Sports for Schools posters around your school, or get the students to make their own posters and banners, to keep everyone on track. You will also receive a banner to hang at the front of your school to encourage students and parents to participate. Keep the school community motivated with updates on notice boards, in assembly, newsletters or your school’s website.

The finish line.

When the program ends, we’ll tally your vouchers and then it’s time to go shopping – for your new sporting equipment.

Special delivery.

We'll deliver your brand new sports equipment from School Term 3, later this year.

*Excludes purchases of Coles Insurance products, gift cards, liquor, fuel, tobacco, and tobacco related products, mobile phones, recharge, calling cards, AdBlue and trailer hire

What do I do if I can’t find my unique code to register my School?

If you didn’t receive a letter from Coles to register your School or have misplaced the letter please contact us at and we’ll be in contact.

Why do I need to provide my School's delivery address?

We need your school's delivery address, which unfortunately cannot be a PO BOX, as this address will be used for sports equipment deliveries at the end of the program.

What is in the School Kick Off Pack?

The School Kick Off Pack includes – banner, posters and the Sports for School's Voucher Collection Box.

When will I receive my School Kick Off Pack?

If your school was registered by Wednesday, 31 January 2018 then we expect you will receive your school launch kit during the week starting Monday, 5 February. If you haven’t received your kit by Friday, 9 February 2018 please contact or 1800 061 562 (choose Option 7).

For schools registering from Thursday, 1 February 2018 then you can expect your school kit to be delivered approximately 5 – 7 business days after registration. If you haven’t received your kit within 10 business day of registration then please contact or 1800 061 562 (choose Option 7).

Are Kindergartens, pre-schools or sporting groups able to register?

Unfortunately Coles cannot accept any registrations from home educators (whether registered or not), day care centres or other pre/after school facilities, or kindergartens.

What sports equipment will be available?

We have sporting equipment and kits that support the main curriculum in both primary and secondary schools, including items required for competition, plus a load of fun extras that your students will love to help make your sporting events a success. Once you have received your online ordering login details post-registration, you will be able to access the full catalogue of products available and begin building your wishlist.

Is there an opportunity to help other schools?

Yes! If you feel another Australian school would benefit more from your sports equipment, Coles would love to support you with donating your vouchers to a school in need. Still register your school now and we will provide more information in the new year on how we can help coordinate this for you.

Who can I speak to if I have an issue?

For all registration enquiries, including registration code requests, please contact us via email at For all non-registration enquiries, our Sports for Schools Helpdesk are here to help and are available on 1800 061 562 (choose Option 7) from 9:00 am - 5:00pm.

Can I have some information or images to include in our newsletter?

Yes. Click here or download the images below and use them to help encourage students and parents to participate and collect vouchers!

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