Meet the growers: Leafy greens

Get to know the people who grow the greens you eat and learn about their family-run businesses.

Belinda Adams holding a box of greens

Belinda Adams, General Manager, Coastal Hydroponics, Qld

Based in sunny Queensland, Coastal Hydroponics has been supplying Coles with spinach and salad leaves for 28 years. General Manager, Belinda Adams, has been working at the family-owned business since she could carry a box. “Our focus is providing healthy food for our customers while creating a generation of farmers for the future,” says Belinda. “I love spinach in just about everything – but my all-time favourite recipe to make is spinach cob loaf.” 

Growing a better future

“At Coastal Hydroponics, we focus on improving our soils, making the best use of our water and protecting a healthy natural ecosystem,” Belinda says.

Tony Colotti on the farm with box full of greens

Tony Colotti, Managing Director, Brookrise Fresh Produce, WA

The key to growing perfect salad leaves? It’s all in the soil, says Tony Colotti, Managing Director of Brookrise Fresh Produce. “Leaf varieties like spinach prefer moist, fertile and rich soil, as well as cool days,” he says. “These all help to produce vitamin-rich baby spinach.” Located in Neergabby, about 80km north of Perth, Brookrise is a long-standing Coles supplier. The company is run by Tony, his wife, Kym, and their son. Tony loves how versatile baby spinach is – he’s happiest eating it raw, but says it complements so many different cuisines. “You can use it in stews, soups, curries and salads.

Save your spinach 

“It’s a bonus that you can freeze spinach,” says Tony. To do it, blanch the leaves in a bowl of boiling water for 30 secs, then refresh in cold water and pat dry. Freeze in sealable bags.