Meet the prawn farmer with saltwater in his veins

On the edge of the Coral Sea, Josh Griggs is growing some of the planet’s tastiest and most sustainable tiger prawns.

Prawn farmer, Josh Griggs, working on site preparing nets

Prawn farm manager, Josh Griggs, of Tassal's.

Josh Griggs grows succulent Black Tiger Prawns in tropical Queensland, but calls himself a farmer not a fisherman.

“I have a love for agriculture and marine life, so aquaculture seemed like a great job for me,” he explains.

Josh is the farm manager at Tassal’s 32-hectare Mission Beach operation, home to the famous Aussie Tiger Prawns. Located on the edge of the Coral Sea, the farm grows sweet-tasting tiger prawns in time for the festive season.

“Our Aussie-farmed tiger prawns are harvested here at Mission Beach in December, just in time for Christmas,” he says. “But with two other prawn farms in Queensland and New South Wales, we have fresh prawns available until May.”

Tassal, Australia’s leading seafood producer has been recognised internationally for its work and operates the prawn farm following the strictest environmental standards.

Although most of his family are involved in the local sugar cane industry, Josh is proud to be working at the forefront of responsible aquaculture – despite the early mornings required.

“I start work bright and early at 6am. My day-to-day job involves supervising the farm staff, checking on our prawns and monitoring water quality, feed and temperature,” he says.

“Tassal brings huge advances to prawn farming in Australia with smart farming technology that’s helping us grow better prawns.”

Australian Black Tiger Prawns are hard to miss because of their size, vibrant colour and distinctive tiger stripes, and Josh believes it’s their fresh, clean taste that sets them apart from every other prawn variety on the market.

“With the farm right next to the Coral Sea, I think the quality comes down to the super clean, warm water the prawns are grown in,” he says. “Our Black Tiger Prawns are the sweetest and crispest prawns I have tasted.”

And his favourite recipe for these perfect prawns? Well, this dedicated prawn farmer believes in letting the product shine and does not bother with fancy chilli or herb dips.

“Just freshly peeled prawns with a little salt and a squeeze of lemon,” he says.

Prawns, Aussie tigers of course, also take pride of place at the Griggs family Christmas table – despite the fact that he works with these distinctive-looking crustaceans all year round.

“Up here in Far North Queensland it’s all about seafood at Christmas – and my family is no different,” he says. “You’ll find plenty of fish and prawns on the table. It’s the Aussie way.”

Aussie Black Tiger Prawns are available in Coles supermarkets nationally. Find out more about sustainable seafood at Coles. 

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