10 facts you may not know about mushrooms

They are five-star healthy and delicious, but here are more fun facts from Coles Group Nutritionist Kim Tikellis. 

Fresh mushrooms

1. Mushrooms have a maximum 5 Health Star Rating* – they are both nutritious and delicious.

2. One 75g serve of two medium fresh mushroom caps contains essential vitamin D3 for healthy bones and muscles plus natural antioxidant mineral Selenium for immunity.

3. Place fresh mushrooms on a sunny windowsill for 30-60 minutes to naturally increase their vitamin D content from the sunshine.

4. Fresh mushrooms, including brown, oyster, portobello and shiitake are fungi, are neither a fruit nor vegetable.

5. Generally smaller, unopened mushrooms cups have a milder flavour, compared to larger open, flat mushrooms.

6. Be a food waste warrior: mushroom stalks and skins can be eaten too or used to add flavour to soups and curries.

7. Earthy mushrooms add a deliciously rich savoury “umami” flavour to soups and sauces which means you might need less salt.

8. Pan-frying mushrooms creates a roasted nutty flavour, ideal for matching with chicken, beef or tofu savoury dishes.

9. Add sliced mushrooms to pizza, stir-fry, Asian and pasta dishes, or lightly fry for a breakfast plate. Finely chop and add to bolognaise for added nutrition the kids won’t even see.

10. A tasty tip for whole mushrooms: they can be baked, filled with a bolognaise sauce and topped with fresh ricotta and spring onions.


*For more information on Health Star Rating system, visit healthstarrating.gov.au.