How to improve your sleep

Two people sleeping in bed

Fitting into a regular 9-5 rhythm can be tough for night owls – those who would typically go to bed well after midnight and struggle to wake up before 10.15am. But new research has uncovered simple lifestyle adjustments that may make it easier to wake up earlier, feel refreshed in the mornings and be more productive in the afternoons*. And all this can positively impact our wellbeing.

To reset your night-owl clock, try to adopt the following for at least three weeks: 

  • Wake up 2-3 hours before your regular waking time, and spend as much time as you can in daylight in the mornings.
  • Go to bed 2-3 hours before your regular bedtime and limit exposure to light in the evenings.
  • Eat breakfast as soon as possible after waking up and eat dinner before 7pm. Try to have lunch around the same time each day.
  • Stick to the same sleep and wake times, seven days a week.

*Sleep Medicine, August 2019 

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