James Podsiadly's park exercises

Fitness Coach James Podsiadly simple exercises you can do at your local park.

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Q: What does healthy living mean to you?

It’s about developing healthy habits and routines that can stay with you forever. For me it’s about exercising every day, eating a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruit and staying connected with friends and family. 

Q: Why do you think it's important to lead a healthy lifetyle?

Everyone has different motivations and I have 2 clear ones when it comes to why I try and live a healthy lifestyle;

  1. Exercising and eating well gives me the energy I need to work and run a business. I’m much more creative and less stressed when I’m exercising and eating well regularly. 
  2. I’m a new dad and I’m motivated to stay fit and mobile so I can kick the footy or have a hit of tennis in 10 years’ time with our son Ted.

Q: What's your best healthy food tip?

Eat your fruits instead of drinking them. Fruit contains fibre which helps release their sugars slowly.

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