Jed Altschwager's squat, push up and sit up routine

Learn a great full body workout routine from Australian Para-Rower Jed Altschwager.


Q: What does healthy living mean to you?

For me healthier living is the big picture, when I lost my leg in 2015 one of the biggest motivators for me was to live a long positive life. I didn’t want to let what happened to me become an excuse. Physical rehabilitation, exercise and eating well all help me kick start my journey.

Q: Why do you think it's important to lead a healthy lifetyle?

For me it’s simple, if you eat healthy, exercise, and generally look after yourself you’ll feel better and uplift your wellbeing. If you feel better and have a healthy wellbeing, aspects such as drive, clarity, and good decision-making increase. The personal connection between the physical and mental side is huge and positive actions create positive outcomes.               

Q: What's your best healthy food tip?

The biggest tip I’ve got around healthy food and healthy eating isn’t a huge secret or overly complicated…. I try and hit carbs, protein and macros in my main meals and also mostly eat foods that aren’t processed. Having a balanced approach and awareness about what you are putting in your body is also a good tip. Knowledge is power. 

My new favourite dinner meal is to make a rice poke bowl usually with beef. It hits all the spots!

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Supercharge it

The fiber and healthy fats in avocado are what make it a superfood for long lasting energy stores. It also contains many of the B vitamins that help with your red blood cell count which in turn helps regulate your iron levels!

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