Kellie Gibson's tips to clear your mind

Professional AFLW player Kellie Gibson shares her top tip to clear your mind.

Headshot of Kellie Gibson 

Q: What does healthy living mean to you?

To me living a healthier life means I have opportunities to do more, it is waking up in the morning ready to start my day. I enjoy being active and eating healthy because I appreciate the way it makes me feel and I get more out of my body, especially during AFLW. 

Q: Why do you think it's important to lead a healthy lifetyle?

It important to understand what your body requires to stay fit and healthy, and leading a healthier lifestyle improves how I train, my performance on game day and also my self-esteem. I feel confident in my body knowing I have done what I need to stay healthy. I also believe it is important to look after your future self, so doing the right thing more often now gives me a better chance at staying healthy once I have retired from AFLW.  

Q: What's your best healthy food tip?

I always like to kick start my day with a healthy granola bowl with loads of fruit and yoghurt, especially during summer it keeps things fresh and yummy. If I am looking for a healthier alternative during pre-season, I tend to have a more carbohydrate focused breaky and will have have all-natural peanut butter on a whole grain English muffin with banana on top! Yum!

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