Ruby Svarc's warm-up exercise

Professional AFLW player Rub Svarc shows us her favourite exercises to warm up.


Q: What does healthy living mean to you?

Healthier living to me means you are making little choices every day to care for your mind and body. Whether that’s drinking enough water, spending time with a friend, or eating a piece of fruit. It’s about being aware of your choices and understanding that consistency is more important than stringency – it’s okay if you don’t make the best choices sometimes. 

Q: Why do you think it's important to lead a healthy lifetyle?

If you’re healthier, you’re usually happier. Leading a healthy lifestyle comes from a place of self-respect; physically, mentally and emotionally, and helps to build your self-esteem. This in turn leads to happier, healthier relationships with yourself and others, and helps to set you up for success in whatever it is you choose to pursue in life. 

Q: What's your best healthy food tip?

Eat the rainbow. When you do your shopping or cooking, use fruits and vegetables from a variety of colours to make sure you are getting a range of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Each colour contains different antioxidants to keep you healthy. 

One of my favourite go-to snacks is a tuna and avocado toasted sandwich – a good balance of protein (tuna), carbs (bread), and healthy fats (avocado).

Healthier living starts here

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Supercharge it

The fiber and healthy fats in avocado are what make it a superfood for long lasting energy stores. It also contains many of the B vitamins that help with your red blood cell count which in turn helps regulate your iron levels!

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