Curtis Stone’s strawberry tips

Whether you like them fresh as a ready-to-go snack or prefer them baked to top on yoghurt or pavlova, strawberries are a versatile fruit. Leading chef and Coles ambassador Curtis Stone has some quick tips plus his favourite flavour matches. 

Curtis stone in his kitchen

Strawberry syrup

Warm in a saucepan with golden or maple syrup to create a strawberry-infused syrup for pancakes.

Sandwich filling

Slice and stack strawberries in a peanut butter and jam sandwich! 

Baked til soft

Toss with sugar and roast in a baking dish in the oven until they soften and exude their juice. Spoon onto toast, yoghurt or over pavlova.


Blend strawberries with coconut yoghurt, oat milk, a dash of agave, pinch of cardamom and touch of rosewater for a refreshing strawberry lassi.

Perfect flavour matches for strawberries

  • Vanilla
  • Mint
  • Citrus (lemon, lime, orange)
  • Almond
  • Coconut

Storage tips from the Coles magazine team:

  • Fresh strawberries are best stored in the fridge – keep them in a single layer on a plate lined with paper towel and wash under cold water just before eating. 
  • To stop strawberries getting waterlogged, rinse them before you remove the stems. 

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