Father's Day Q&A with Colin Fassnidge

We asked chef Colin Fassnidge, dad to daughters (and co-chefs) Maeve and Lily, how he likes to enjoy Father’s Day. It all starts with good food and whiskey…

Colin Fassnidge with his two children

How do you like to celebrate Father’s Day? By the ocean, with good food.

Your favourite Father’s Day meal? Chicken bread (chicken roasted on top of day-old bread). It's my favourite meal and simple, so my kids can make it for me.

Your favourite Father’s Day drink? Slane Irish Whiskey.

Has there been a special moment on Father’s Day over the years that has been particularly heartwarming or memorable? Memorable, some of the presents I get! I have a wardrobe full of T-shirts that don't fit me - they always buy the wrong size. 

Any tips for the kids on how to make the day special? Breakfast in bed, tea and toast are all I need - pancakes would be nice, but the kitchen gets destroyed.

Your best present ever… and your worst? The worst would be the gurney I was given one year, during the drought, so I couldn't use it. The best was a woodfire pizza oven - everyone benefits from that one.

Is the way to a dad’s heart really through his stomach? Yes! Good dinner and a good whiskey do the trick!