How I shop: Patrick Dangerfield

Ever wondered what sort of food a professional athlete eats? Coles AFL ambassador and Geelong Cats midfielder Patrick Dangerfield gave us a peek at his shopping list.

Picture of Patrick Dangerfield

Patrick Dangerfield: Getting the right balance of “sometimes foods” with those that are nutritionally beneficial for performance on the field.

Coles and the AFL are working together to help Aussies live happier, healthier lives. Geelong Cats vice-captain and Coles Healthy Kicks ambassador Patrick Dangerfield takes a balanced approach to healthy eating. “For me, it’s getting the right balance of ‘sometimes foods’ with foods that are nutritionally the most beneficial when it comes to my physical performance on the field,” he says. Here, Patrick shows us how he gets that balance right.

In Patrick’s trolley

Coles products

Wholemeal bread and Vegemite

“I have Vegemite on wholemeal toast for brekkie every day. For lunch, I’ll often make myself a chicken and lettuce sandwich.”

Lasagne sheets 

“I can’t go past lasagne for dinner before a big game – it gives me the energy I need.”


“My favourite weeknight meal is cauliflower cooked in the air fryer – it goes deliciously crisp and golden. I serve it with barbecued meat or fish.”


“You know what they say about an apple a day... This fruit is my go-to healthy snack.” 

Choc-chip biscuits and tea bags 

“For an occasional treat, I like Coles Ultimate 40% Chocolate Chip Cookies with a cup of tea.”

Protein drink 

“I struggle to eat straight after a game, so I usually have a protein shake.”

Vegetable chips 

“Vege Chips Deli Crisps are always on the table when I’m watching a game.” 

Breakfast of champions

As the 2021 AFL season approaches its finale, dietitians from two leading teams, Melbourne and Essendon, reveal how the players make a healthy start to their day, with tips for all of us. 

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