Luke Mangan's easy midweek tips

Leading Australian chef and Coles ambassador Luke Mangan shares his tips on how to have dinner on the table fast.   

Q: What are your tips on how to make after-work meals as easy and delicious as possible?

Keep it simple! Pick super easy recipes and make sure you are well prepared. Buy the ingredients on the weekend when you have more time. Stock your pantry and freezer. It’s all about having all the ingredients in the fridge, freezer and pantry when you are ready to start cooking. And I believe the key to making a meal delicious is all about using fresh herbs. 

Q: How do you relax when you finish work?

Listening to music and cooking is my perfect recipe for relaxing. I love to come home and play Frank Sinatra. A cup of tea and a Tim Tam (or Mint Slice) always helps, too. 

Q: What are your go-to after-work meals?

I love quickly grilling meat or fish on the barbecue and serving with fresh salad, or steaming salmon and serving with wok-fried veggies, soy sauce and ginger. But here are two of favourite recipes (see the videos, below):

Tandoori Chicken Drumsticks with Crushed Potatoes and Cucumber 

Honey Soy Chicken and Brown Rice Salad

Q: What are your top 3 must-have ingredients in the pantry that are always on hand to create a quick and tasty meal?

Tinned salmon, can of crushed tomatoes and penne pasta.

Discover Luke Mangan's favourite after-work meals


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