2021's most Googled recipes

Wondering what were Google's most searched dishes for 2021? Aussies craved nostalgic recipes, such as curried sausages and Anzac biscuits, and comfort food like gnocchi and minestrone. Here are the top 10.

1. Gnocchi recipes

Home-made gnocchi is easier than you think. You can make this with just a few simple ingredients and our basic gnocchi recipe.

2. Guacamole recipe

The perfect party starter for any occasion, try this spiced guacamole next time you are entertaining.

3. Curried sausages recipe

We’re not sure why curried sausages were so popular but the closest we have is this hearty sausage and lentil simmer. Just add a spoonful of curry powder!

4. Anzac biscuits recipe

Aussie favourite Anzac biscuits will most likely always be in the top 10... the only question is chewy or crunchy?

5. Negroni recipe

The classic negroni is a popular drink for all occasions. The recipe couldn't be easier: simply mix one part gin, one part sweet red vermouth and one part campari over ice and serve with orange peel.

6. Lamb shank recipe

Lamb shanks are now centre stage when it comes to premium cuts of meat, full of flavour and meltingly tender. Spend some time in the kitchen this weekend creating tender Moroccan-style lamb shanks with couscous.

7. Brussels sprouts recipes

Once maligned, the humble Brussels sprouts are having their moment in the sun, making it to number seven on the list. Home cooks are realising that keeping them crisp, and adding flavours such as bacon and orange, turns the Brussels sprout into a starring side dish.

8. Minestrone soup recipe

With comfort food trending, it's no surprise that the warm hug in a bowl that is minestrone made an appearance on this year's top 10 most-searched recipes.

9. Rocky road recipe

Riding the waves of the cottagecore movement, here is one of the most popular make-your-own gifts.

10. Tzatziki recipe

This unassuming dip is the cornerstone of many menus around the country, for good reason. Serve with grilled meats, fresh veggies or simply on pita bread and you won't be disappointed. For a textural twist on this classic, try our apple and cucumber tzatziki.