Your guide to Coles hot cross buns

Easter means plenty of delicious hot cross buns are on offer at Coles. Check out the range, including three exciting new flavours for 2022.

Coles hot cross bun collection

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create new hot cross bun flavours? Chirantan Joshi, a product developer for Coles, is always on the hunt for new products and flavour combinations. “Our goal is always to excite customers,” he says. “We look closely at the Aussie market and also use global insights for inspiration.” From the initial concept to final taste test, developing each new bun flavour is a labour of love that usually takes 9-12 months. “It’s a long process,” says Chirantan. “What works on a small scale might not work on a larger one, so there’s a lot to consider.”

This year, Chirantan and the Coles team were especially keen to create new savoury flavours. Along with the Coles Vegemite and Cheese Hot Cross Bun which launched earlier this year, Coles has also released a limited edition jalapeño and cheese variety. “I’m so excited for customers to try a ‘hot’ hot cross bun,” says Chirantan. “Jalapeño is an interesting flavour to experiment with – you can use this bun to make a mini burger, add it to grazing boards or just enjoy it with a cup of coffee.”

For those with a sweet tooth, Coles has also released limited edition salted caramel, plus white chocolate and raspberry varieties. What makes them so good? “We use quality ingredients to set our hot cross buns apart,” says Chirantan. “The white chocolate and raspberry bun is loaded with Rainforest Alliance Certified white chocolate, so when you toast it, it becomes really gooey and delicious.”

The Coles range 

1. Fruit Free 

For those who prefer fluffy, spiced buns without the fruit, Coles Fruit Free Hot Cross Buns (6 pack) are so good lightly toasted with butter.

Fruit free hot cross bun

2. Traditional 

Award-winning Coles Traditional Fruit Hot Cross Buns (6 pack) contain 25 per cent dried fruit, including juicy sultanas. 

Traditional hot cross buns

3. Chocolate 

With smooth and creamy Rainforest Alliance Certified milk chocolate chips, Coles Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (6 pack) are delicious served warm. 

Chocolate hot cross buns

4. Gluten Free Chocolate 

Free from gluten, wheat and dairy, Coles I’m Free From... Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (3 pack) contain dark choc chips.

Gluten free hot cross buns

5. Jalapeño & Cheese 

For a versatile savoury option, spice it up with Coles Jalapeño & Cheese Hot Cross Buns (4 pack).

Jalepeno hot cross buns

6. Apple & Cinnamon 

For fans of this flavour combo, Coles Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns (6 pack) are a perfect choice.

Apple and cinnamon hot cross buns

7. Raspberry & White Chocolate 

Coles Raspberry & White Chocolate Hot Cross Buns (4 pack) are great fresh or lightly toasted.

Raspberry and white chocolate hot cross buns

8. Gluten Free Fruit 

For a gluten-free option, pick up Coles I’m Free From... Fruit Hot Cross Buns (3 pack). Made with 20 per cent vine fruit, they’re also a source of fibre.

Gluten free hot cross buns

9. Traditional Mini 

Ideal for morning or afternoon tea, Coles Traditional Mini Hot Cross Buns (9 pack) are also just the right size for little hands to hold. They’re made with 100 per cent Aussie fruit. 

Traditional mini hot cross buns

10. Salted Caramel  

Studded with sweet salted caramel chunks, Coles Salted Caramel Hot Cross Buns (4 pack) are a decadent treat to share. Serve them toasted for a snack, or add to brekkie boards.

Salted caramel hot cross buns