Coles and Smitten have partnered to support Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Coles has partnered with Smitten to support the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation to teach Aussie kids to love fresh, delicious produce. 

Smitten apples are a favourite with kids

Smitten apples are a favourite with kids

From today until 13 April 2021, for every kilogram of Smitten Apples sold, Coles will donate 30 cents to the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation (SAKGF), up to the value of $75,000.

The Foundation aims to make healthy eating second nature for children by making it fun for them to grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh, seasonal and delicious food. The donations from the sales of Smitten Apples will help the SAKGF reach more Aussie families while allowing schools and centres already running the program to continue their great work.

Find out more about Smitten from Montague National Orchard Operations Manager Rod Taylor in the Q&A below.

Q: What is your background?

A: I have always worked with apples and agriculture - all with Montague! I first worked for Montague during the school holidays of 1983 and commenced my apprenticeship training in 1987. From there I went to a technical school and finished an apprenticeship in fruit growing and agriculture. 

Q: What do you do day to day?  

A: As the National Orchard Operations Manager, I steer the ship so things run safely and smoothly. 

Q: What do you love about your job? 

A: What initially drew me in to this industry was the variety of work and being outdoors. But my favourite thing about the job that’s kept me in the industry for so long is the fact that no two seasons are ever the same and you remain constantly challenged. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I get to be a part of a family business of growers and get to work with working with some really great people. 

Q: What is your proudest achievement/moment with Montague?  

A: Without doubt knowing that I started working with Montague at an absolute grass roots level and have worked really hard to be given opportunities I am forever grateful for.  I have been rewarded with the opportunity in my current role to learn and grow, knowing I have full support from the family.

Q: What information/message could you share about Smitten apples that people may not know?

A: Smitten was developed in NZ and has four parents - Fiesta, Falstaff, Gala and Braeburn. This combination creates a perfectly balanced taste and is bred by traditional methods, meaning they’re non-GMO.

Q: Tell us about Smitten apples - what makes the apples so good?  

A: Smitten is a sweet, small apple with a big crunch. The incredible taste makes it an overall excellent eating apple. Plus, it has a great shelf life.