At Coles Express we work closely with our partners at Shell to provide our unique range of quality fuels at all of our petrol stations across Australia. Our premium fuels include unleaded petrol such as Shell V-Power, 95 RON, 91, Ethanol E10 as well as Premium Diesel, AutoGas and AdBlue. No matter what type of fuel gets your car going, Shell Coles Express has the right one for you

Unleaded 98 Shell V-Power Petrol

Shell V-Power 98

Shell V-Power is a 98 octane premium unleaded fuel. Developed with Ferrari, it is designed to help enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness.

Shell Unleaded 95 RON Petrol

Shell Unleaded 95

Shell Unleaded 95 is a 95 octane premium unleaded fuel. It is designed to combat efficiency losses caused by deposits and friction in your engine

Shell Unleaded Ethanol E10 Petrol

Shell Unleaded 91

Shell Unleaded 91 octane fuel is great for everyday driving and preventing the build up of deposits in your engine.

Shell Unleaded E10 Petrol

Shell Unleaded Ethanol E10 Fuel 

Shell Unleaded Ethanol E10 is a 94 octane unleaded fuel and contains 10% ethanol, a renewable fuel component that helps reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. The use of ethanol E10 in fuels helps to reduce the benzene and sulphur contents of the fuel which can be beneficial to the environment.

Premium Diesel Shell V-Power

Shell V-Power Diesel

Our best performance fuel for diesel vehicles. Shell V-Power Diesel is a premium diesel designed for maximum efficiency and performance with its unique additive technology which removes and prevents deposits providing an optimum driving experience.

Shell Diesel

Shell Diesel

Shell Diesel is a quality diesel suitable for vehicles that run on regular diesel.  It has a high cetane number to help ensure smooth running.

Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help keep your engine in peak condition. It has reduced foaming when refuelling, helps prevents fuel system corrosion and emits less CO2 and exhaust emissions.

LPG - Shell AutoGas

Shell AutoGas

Shell AutoGas is a smart alternative to petrol and an economical way to fuel your vehicle. 

Shell SCR Catalysts - Adblue(r) Fuel


AdBlue® fuel  is a fluid used in heavy-duty diesel engines that are equipped with Selective Catalyctic Reduction technology which help reduce the engine’s exhaust emissions of oxides of nitrogen. 

Shell Fuel Card

Shell Fuel Card

Shell Fuel Card helps keep businesses on the move by streamlining your business fuel management. You can simplify your administration and reduce costs by managing your fleet using our 24/7 online tools with your Shell Fuel Card account.

Shell Fuel Card is provided by Viva Energy Australia which is the exclusive licensee of the Shell brand in Australia and manages Shell branded products under license.