Dinners with budget meats

There’s nothing quite like a barbecued steak or roasted chicken, but it’s also true that cooking with meat can get expensive. Fortunately, a bit of savvy shopping and familiarising yourself with different budget cuts of meat can take the pressure off the wallet. We’ve compiled 5 of our tastiest recipes that feature affordable meat. Whichever is your favourite – chicken, beef, lamb or pork – you’re sure to find something to impress and satisfy.

1. Honey and ginger chicken wings

When it comes to budget meat cuts, you can’t go past chicken wings. Whether grilled, roasted or barbecued, it’s difficult to resist the crispy skin. Simply combine the chicken, honey, soy sauce, ginger and sesame seeds in a large bowl, then arrange over a lined tray and bake for 30 minutes. Serve with jasmine rice and lime wedges.

2. Spring slaw with scotch fillet

If you are shopping for budget steak, look no further than scotch fillet. It’s full of beefy flavour with just a small strip of fat and gets deliciously tender. These budget beef steaks are perfect barbecued on a balmy midweek evening or pan-fried. The fresh-tasting spring slaw is the perfect addition in this recipe – just arrange thinly sliced steak over the salad on a serving platter and dig in!

3. Spiced lamb and haloumi pizzas

This weeknight family meal using lamb mince is a real crowd pleaser and super easy – especially since the pizzas are ready to eat in just 15 minutes! Using Lebanese bread for the bases, arrange on lined trays and spread with sundried tomato pesto. Topped with spiced lamb mince, mint halloumi, rocket salad and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts, this taste sensation out-does takeaway every time.

4. Pork and cashew noodle stir-fry

When you consider affordable cuts of meat, think pork – especially with this quick-to-make stir-fry. Minced meat in general is a fantastic budget option that can be done a dozen ways, and this Asian stir-fry with hokkien noodles is a great example. From the wok to your plate in just 20 minutes, it’s rich in flavour and texture thanks to the combination of veggies, cashew nuts and saucy pork mince.

5. Maple-mustard chicken tray bake

Who doesn’t love a good roast? This chicken tray bake might be speedy, taking just 15 minutes to cook, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on taste. The combination of maple and mustard hits the spot for spicy and sweet, and roasting everything together adds a fantastic richness in both colour and flavour. This one also makes great leftovers for lunch the next day!